One of Liz’s colleagues sent this over today thinking we might like to have it on hand. Thanks, Juliana!

Meanwhile, Three Hole has been gearing up for our run of Hump Night shows in January… figuring out our new rehearsal schedule, show format, and outfits (obviously). It’s going to be amazing. We’ve even selected a theme song. Two more months!


You know, we have been lax. We promised a photo of Three Hole at Stratford, Connecticut’s finest Chinese restaurant, and never posted it. HOW EMBARRASSING! Our apologies. Here is that picture:

And yes, we totally grabbed those pandas without even asking.

Here’s us on stage at the DCM:

There you go. See? We’re promise keepers. But we’re not the Promise Keepers. Unless this improv thing doesn’t work out, in which case let’s talk.

We’re back from New York, alive! More updates to follow on our trip, including a sweet new group photo of us at a Chinese restaurant in Stratford Connecticut (who said we weren’t worldly?) – but first wanted to highlight that 3HP has received a glowing review in Jester Journal for our performance at the Del Close Marathon!

Our show is reviewed in Part 3 of Jester’s DCM roundup, and mentioned again in Part 4.

Thanks to all who came out to the show! It was great to see some familiar faces (as well as the new friends we met at that gay piano bar on Friday) in the audience.

Stop by tomorrow night, July 31, to see Three Hole perform a set in the company of friends – that’s right, Bastards, Inc. has invited us back to play. We think they like us. Like, like us like us.

It costs $10 ($7 for “students” and “seniors”), and you can buy tickets here

This just in:

Or rather, this in a few weeks ago, but now being announced here on this website:

Three Hole will be performing at the 10th Annual Del Close Marathon, August 8th through 10th, in the City of New York. Put it in your Blackberries, Brooklynites, because you won’t want to miss Three Hole’s first move toward sweeping the nation. We are performing at 2pm on Saturday the 9th, at the Hudson Guild Theater. But don’t trek it out to the city just for us! Here is a whole list of other fine folks we know and can personally recommend at the DCM, and they can all be seen for the low, low price of 25 bucks for the whole weekend:

Secret Society
ImprovBoston Mainstage
Code Duello: Hamilton & Burr
Blue Screen
Mission IMPROVable
IWA: Improv With Attitude

36 days!

Yes! It has finally happened! Three Hole Punch is pleased to bring you this, an actual website. You can visit it. You can bookmark it. You can link to it. And most of all, you can eat it!