Rhode Islanders!

Check us out TONIGHT, Saturday, June 27th, at 10pm, in the Providence Improv Fest.


We’ll be performing at The Speakeasy @ Local 121 on a bill with Improv Jones, Bastards, Inc., and Stranger Than Fiction.

Tickets are available at the door – $10 for our show, $15 for the day, $40 for the whole festival. What a great deal!


Three Hole Punch will be performing tonight, May 14th, as part of ImprovBoston’s 1st annual Women in Comedy Festival!


See us perform in the company of some sassy broads… including Michelle Barbera, Lindsay Gonzalez, Jess Sutich, and everyon’e floral favorites, Bastards Inc. As a special bonus, just because it’s springtime, this show will feature Three Hole Emerita Amy Koske:


Buy tickets here!

Who’s going to the Chicago Improv Festival? Oh, that’s right – WE ARE!


Three Hole Punch is absolutely thrilled to be performing in the company of some of our good friends, old mentors, and all-time improv heroes this weekend. Our show is presented along with Psychic Improv at midnight this Friday, April 17th at the Annoyance Theater. Tickets are here.

Other shows we recommend during the week…

For those of you in beautiful, rainy Massachusetts this weekend… Three Hole will be making a homecoming appearance at our old stomping grounds – The 13th Annual UMass Comedy Jam, so themed:


What a hilarious pun, and what an adorable tongue depressor. You know… when we were your age, it was the 6th Annual Comedy Jam, the theme was a pajama party, and we all wore inner tubes and were happy about it. Just saying!

The whole event is free, and we’ll be performing on Saturday night, April 4th, time TBA. Check Facebook for up-to-date details, and come see us! We’ll be the ones tooling around town in a Chevy Aveo or similar.

As we head into our fourth and final week of Wednesday night shows in January, Three Hole has some very special gifts to share…

The first is Neil Reynolds – writer, improviser, guy. Neil is a mainstage cast member at ImprovBoston and one half of the universally renowned and colonially beloved Code Duello: Hamilton & Burr. He saw our show last Wednesday and liked it! That is some meaningful, weighty, and not-at-all-coerced praise!

The second gift is some YouTube videos… from week three.

“I Love a Good Blood Pee” – Improvised, with Adam Brooks on piano:

“Hallo Germany!” Week 3, Part I:

“Hallo Germany!” Week 3, Part II:

“Hallo Germany!” Week 3, Part III:

Well, now that our run at ImprovBoston is in full swing, we have discovered – unsurprisingly – that bloggers totally love us.

Susie at Transient Travels gives a side-by-side rundown of Boston.com’s “25 Things to Do in Boston for Under $25” versus her own insights, and calls us out as a can’t-miss attraction at IB:

Comedy buffs unite: Boston.com recommended that we go see the Naked Comedy Showcase at ImprovBoston, but that was back on January 7th. So I am going to do a little improv move myself and recommend that you take the opportunity to to see Three Hole Punch, a four woman long form improv and sketch comedy troupe currently based in the Boston area. They are performing every Wednesday night in January at ImprovBoston, at 8pm. It’s $10, and you can purchase tickets here. They are absolutely hilarious!

Meanwhile, the inimitable John Perich at Periscope Depth flings superlatives our way like a man on the edge:

Shows at ImprovBoston can be touch and go (it’s a big theater; a lot of different groups perform there), but Three Hole Punch was one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen. Any of the four cast members could help carry a show in her own right. But the four of them have worked together for years and the chemistry that results makes for crackerjack improv. It doesn’t hurt that they’re easy on the eyes, either.


We’re debuting all new sketches and improv each Wednesday in January. But there are only two shows left of this run! What are you missing if you haven’t seen our show? Here’s a non-comprehensive list:

  • Small black dresses
  • Impromptu readings from our actual journals, circa 2003 – this stuff could not be made up!
  • A recurring look at the inner workings of the reception office of Germany. Yes… Germany, the country.

And of course, “crackerjack improv.” Did you hear that? Crackerjack!

In case you haven’t heard the rumors…


We are performing every Wednesday night in January at ImprovBoston, at 8pm. It’s $10, and you can purchase tickets here.

As our esteemed new director Scott, says:

Come on down for 45 minutes of top-notch improvisation and sketch performed by four anatomically correct females!

One of Liz’s colleagues sent this over today thinking we might like to have it on hand. Thanks, Juliana!

Meanwhile, Three Hole has been gearing up for our run of Hump Night shows in January… figuring out our new rehearsal schedule, show format, and outfits (obviously). It’s going to be amazing. We’ve even selected a theme song. Two more months!

You know, we have been lax. We promised a photo of Three Hole at Stratford, Connecticut’s finest Chinese restaurant, and never posted it. HOW EMBARRASSING! Our apologies. Here is that picture:

And yes, we totally grabbed those pandas without even asking.

Here’s us on stage at the DCM:

There you go. See? We’re promise keepers. But we’re not the Promise Keepers. Unless this improv thing doesn’t work out, in which case let’s talk.

We’re back from New York, alive! More updates to follow on our trip, including a sweet new group photo of us at a Chinese restaurant in Stratford Connecticut (who said we weren’t worldly?) – but first wanted to highlight that 3HP has received a glowing review in Jester Journal for our performance at the Del Close Marathon!

Our show is reviewed in Part 3 of Jester’s DCM roundup, and mentioned again in Part 4.

Thanks to all who came out to the show! It was great to see some familiar faces (as well as the new friends we met at that gay piano bar on Friday) in the audience.